Chick'n Fix

Fix up your taste buds!

At a young age, Jon Rudd revolved his life around food and family enterprise. Years later, he began his food adventure alongside his wife, Mari, while participating in summer festivals throughout King County. Their passion for fresh, hot and tasty food led them to collaborate, naming their food truck Chick’n Fix.

With over 25 years of combined experience in the food business, finding a truck that fits their need was not an easy task. After several months of encountering obstacles, the two continued their journey with the encouragement of family and friends. Be it growing, marketing, cooking, selling or sharing, the two have devoted their love for food into Chick’n Fix.

On October 21, 2013, Jon and Mari showcased Chick’n Fix to their family and friends and opened their business to the public a few days later. Bola Bola was introduced. A food blogger described it as “a deep-fried, breaded, meatball, exuding steam, spices, and warmth from the inside out, conjuring up feeling of comfort no matter what type of food Grandma made.”

Chick’n Fix offers your traditional American fast food, Chicken Strips and Fries, alongside Filipino style dishes for a tasty experience. Mama D, who invents the recipes, applies the essence of the contemporary Filipino/American cuisine, allowing this food truck to serve up unique foods and stand out among the best.

Today, Chick’n Fix serves the greater Puget Sound area. The menu is simple but great! All items are cooked to order and always fresh.

Now, Fix Up Your Taste Buds!


Twitter:  @Chicknfix
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/chickn.fix
Email:  ChicknFix@gmail.com
Phone:  (206) 914-0610