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Many thanks to Seattle Food Truck for coming out to try Chick'n Fix! See their write-up below or directly on their website here. As mentioned in the article, stay tuned for our updated menu which includes new items (coming to the website soon!).

Get your Fix!

Rewind back to last weekend: Rainy day, Seattle grayness, Stoup Brewing, and in definite need of some food truck therapy. Enter: Chick’n Fix!

First, their logo is awesome. Like something from a movie. No wonder their at comicon this weekend!

We decided to try EVERYTHING!

Well, almost everything. The combo plate is really the way to go. You get to try a little of everything, then you can go back and get more of what you liked best.

First up – the chicken strips. These are NOT from a box! Big, juicy pieces of white meat with crispy, spicy breading. Everything at Chick’n Fix has a bit of a kick, so if you’re into spice, you won’t be disappointed.

Then we have their bola bola. They compare them to fried mac n’ cheese, but to me, they bring back thoughts of being on the streets of Italy eating arancini (crispy Italian rice balls). Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the creamy concoction of rice and minced chicken, all spiced up and rolled in breadcrumbs. Simply decadently delicious!

Next up is the lumpia. The combo comes with two, and they are stuffed full of seasoned ground chicken and veggies. Again, they have a kick. By this time your mouth will be tingling all over with happiness!

All dishes are served up with either a big helping of garlicy fries or with brown rice salad. We opted for the fries and they were delicious! Thin, crispy, and garlic for days!

Two words: Crazy Wings.

We were lucky to be there on the day they were testing items for their new menu (DEBUTING THIS WEEKEND!) These are some of the best wings we’ve had on wheels. Crunchy on the outside, dripping with super spicy crazy sauce — a nice sweet heat. We’ve heard they’ll also offer a buffalo sauce on the new menu. Highly recommended!

We were so taken by the dishes themselves we forgot to pick up sauces — if they are anything like the food, they are not to be missed! Choices include Chick’n Fix Sauce (highly recommended!), Banana Ketchup, Sweet Chili Sauce, and Hickory Smoke BBQ Sauce.

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