Chick'n Fix

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"Haunting West Seattle and SoDo these days, Chick’n Fix is... um, fixing... all-star offerings like their "bola bola" chicken balls, rosemary fries, lumpia (fried filipino egg rolls), and more."



"Despite having more Filipinos than Vietnamese, Chinese, or Japanese people, Seattle continues to keep the great Filipino food hidden. There are a few food trucks working to change that, to introduce lumpia and its friends to the food-loving masses. Chick’n Fix has a small, simple menu serving a few things that can be found at other Filipino trucks (Big Boys, Lumpia World, Leilani’s Lumpia Land), such as the fried pork eggroll-esque lumpia, fried chicken, and of course rice. But there’s also the bola bola: a deep-fried, breaded, meatball, exuding steam, spices, and warmth from the inside out, conjuring up feelings of comfort no matter what type of food Grandma made, and available only at Chick’n Fix."




"Everything chicken, West Seattle and SoDo"

Huge thanks to Seattle Food Truck, Groupon, and Thrillist for the kind words and support!